The Rock Ford Foundation

The Rock Ford Foundation, a non-profit corporation initially formed to save Historic Rock Ford from conversion to a landfill, has continuously worked to maintain this local treasure. Through its efforts, visitors to Historic Rock Ford are afforded the opportunity to learn about an important soldier, surgeon, and statesman.

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Rock Ford Foundation is to provide opportunities to connect with and explore the life of Edward Hand, the diverse communities and material culture of early Lancaster County, and the complex issues that shaped our nation in its formative years by preserving and interpreting Historic Rock Ford and its collections.

The Rock Ford Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-exempt organization incorporated within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on May 22, 1958.

The Foundation is supported by memberships, gifts, grants, earned income from rental of the facilities, and fundraising events.

Board of Trustees of the Rock Ford Foundation

Executive Director: Samuel C. Slaymaker, III

Board of Trustees

Deborah N. Smith, President

Robert Pontz, Vice President

Margaret Shaffer, Treasurer

Kathleen Ashworth, Secretary

Elizabeth Cardwell

Ann Carter

Thomas G. Englert

Thomas Gehr

Dana Lewis

Barbara Mobarak

Eric Munro

Pamela Stoner

Cynthia Trussell

Stuart Van Ormer